Land Wanted



We've got many years of experience helping home and land owners to take advantage of their property. In many cases this allows them to realise a life-changing sum of money.

If you've got a house or land, that you feel has development potential - either in terms of building e.g. extending, renovating, replacing, or in terms of additional planning permission, please get in touch.

One of our directors will talk to you, and we'll quickly give you a no-cost opinion on your chances of success, and how we can help you.

There are many ways in which we can work in partnership with you. We can offer you an OPTION AGREEMENT or CONDITIONAL CONTRACT to buy your property, if we get planning permission (at our expense).

Alternatively we can share the  rewards of developing, and form a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) Company with you. In general terms, you'll supply the property or land, we'll pay for all planning, and building work, and the profits from the scheme will be shared between us.